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Site Inspections

To ensure the job can be completed safely and the correct crane is allocated to your job, we offer free site inspections and consultations.

Lift Planning

Equipped with the latest lift plan technology and vast industry experience, our experienced team is able to provide our clients with the following services.

  • Lift Plans

  • Lift Studies

  • Site Consultations

  • Route Surveys

  • Transport Logistics

  • Lift Management

Crane Maintenance & Repairs

Our competent maintenance team is able to conduct servicing and repairs at our depots or on site.  We offer a range of maintenance services, from regular routine service and repairs to major 10 year rebuilds.


Other services we provide include but are not limited to:


  • Tilt Panel Planning, Lifting & Logistics   

  • Tower Crane Assembly & Dismantling

  • Third Party Crane Inspections

  • Lifting Equipment Inspections

  • Rigging and lifting equipment supplies


For more information on services we provide or general enquiries please contact us

Mid Coast Cranes
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